Kitchen Design
Designing a kitchen is like planning the perfect meal - it's all in the preparation phase and a relentless focus on detail.

We get to know your budget and your tastes - contemporary or traditional. And then we work with you to create the perfect recipe, using the best ingredients from leading brands - kitchen appliances, work surfaces, flooring, lighting, carefully blended together with our own ageless design ideas and served with a flourish for long-term satisfaction. So if you're dreaming of a new kitchen, why not contact us today.

1. Maximising natural light and use of lighter colours to brighten kitchen area
2. Colour-contrasting work surfaces and flooring to provide visual orientation
3. Good task lighting exactly where you need it
4. Effortless single-lever taps
5. Multi-level work surfaces to suit different users and different tasks
6. Flush hob with level burners for safer transfer of hot pans
7. Pull out drawers for easier, more comfortable access
8. Ergonomic D-shaped door handles
9. Glass fronted cabinet doors to make contents visible and more easily located
10. Wall-mounted oven for easier and safer transfer of hot food and dishes.

Bathroom & Wet Rooms
We expect a lot from our bathrooms and shower-rooms: luxury, comfort and safety. We blend simple, smart ageless design features with beautiful sanitaryware from leading manufacters to create the perfect sanctuary, supporting your needs now and into the future.

Genuine level access shower - even a 15mm step-up presents a serious trip hazard.

Slip resistant floor tiles and underfloor heating - the wetroom floor dries quickly, is hardwearing and is as safe as possible to use.

Removable shower screen - should you need additional space to manoeuvre later on.

Easy turn shower control and soft air-infused flow - controls placed at the shower entrance to prevent an early soaking.

Shower seat - freestanding or fold-away version attached to the wall.

Stylish, easy maintenance wall covering - stylish wall panels or large format tiles. Easily cleaned with handheld shower head and extra long hose.

Single lever, easy-to-use tap - no hard-to-grip crossheads. And a modern easy-click plug.

Sink mirror with built-in side illumination - mirrors placed so you can still see yourself when seated.

Ample storage - too often forgotten in bathroom designs. Our storage solutions and semi-recessed or wall-hung basins allow for knee clearance for seated use.

Easy-flush WC panel and luxury soft close lid - no more sore fingers or slamming toilet seats.

Simple but stylish loo roll holder - we only recommend styles that can be changed with one hand.

Integrated grab rails - checked by our in-house occupational therapist to ensure they are positioned to support your needs. Selected from a suite of matching bathroom accessories to fit seamlessly with your bathroom.

And don't forget rocker style light switches with night-time luminiscence and an outward opening bathroom door to ensure emergency access in case someone falls behind the closed door.